Always In Vogue

At Always In Vogue, you aren’t only buying a jacket, you are buying a garment that is guaranteed to be top quality. That guarantee is backed up by 50 years of remarkable history.

Always In Vogue is a family-owned business that has always put quality and service at the forefront. And we won’t comprise on either. Always in Vogue’s jackets and coats, footwear, handbags – and more – are known far and wide. Our products are bywords in comfort and style. We offer apparel in cloth (cashmere), leather, and seal and mink furs – in fact, all furs.

We create quality, high-end outdoor clothing, and accessories. We offer made-to-measure services that assure the perfect fit for each and every customer. Along with this exemplary service, we create apparel that becomes a source of pride to the owner of the garment. We have been building on this kind of valued policy for more than half a century.

We have always taken pride in our customizing – we’ve been offering the service for over 40 years. We put our customers in coats and jackets made only for them. We take exacting measurements and then design and create the item at our St. John’s, Newfoundland store. It’s fair to say we are proud of what we make.

All our seal products are made in-house. We have grown since our business started in Sydney, Cape Breton back in 1964. We have been based in St. John’s, Newfoundland some 33 years, we also have a store in Moncton, New Brunswick. We have grown to embrace more customers much further afield too, with a store in Shenyang, a city of over 8 million people in China.  Customer’s measurements are conveyed to out St. John’s store where we tailor-make our coats and jackets.

In addition to our own ‘Always In Vogue’ brand, we carry Mallia cashmere clothing. That is a world-renowned name in apparel.

We do repairs and cleanings too, and we have a vault where we can store furs in the off-season.