Fur Remodeling

Remodeling is one of our many specialties Always in Vogue offers. Give new life to your old fur coat or jacket by restyling it into something new and updated. Come in and see one of our fur specialists to assess your valuable garment to make sure the skins aren’t dried out. If the skins are in good condition we will look at your coat on you and give you suggestions and advise. We have been trained by the best and are able to turn your old tired garment into something new and fabulous.

If changing the style does not suit you, we also can turn your garment into accessories, for example; headbands, pillows, slippers, mittens, teddy bears, purses, you name it we can do it. Sometimes alterations can be as simple as getting your coat shortened or getting your shoulders softened to remove large shoulders. If you require an entire restyle we will fit you into one of our many styles that are popular today.

Our fur specialists will take apart your fur garment and restyle it into the style of your choice. A simple remodeling job can be complicated, in many cases, new patterns must be constructed and fitted and the usable fur must be completely reworked to fit the new pattern. In some cases, new fur must be added, which then must be carefully sourced to match the original pelts.