Fur Repair

Repairing your valuable fur garment is nothing like mending cloth or any other material. To properly repair your fur you must have a professional furrier open and repair the coat. Specialized equipment including special thread and needles for fur work must be used. When rips occur in fur, the damaged fur must be cleaned out and the fur properly matched and replaced in the coat. We will then use a specialized fur sewing machine to sew the rip. Always in Vogue has experienced furriers on site to fix any problems you may have with your coat.

Over time your coat may ‘’wear” from everyday use. We can fix worn front edges, pocket edges, collar edges and any other wear on your fur. We also offer relining. Drop by anytime and have your garment assessed by one of our furriers.

Has your fur been damaged due to storage? Once repaired you can protect your fur from future storage damage by taking advantage of our fur storage service. Give us a call or drop in and see us to learn more about our repair and storage services.